About Us

The shining sand beach resort is the perfect place for a family vacation. The resort has a lot to offer for everyone in the family.

Our Story

We started with an idea to have a beautiful beach resort and within a few days we launched Shining Sand Beach Resort. It was an idea that came from our passion for traveling, and after spending years in the hospitality industry, we were able to create a unique experience for our guests. We are proud to say that Shining Sand Beach Resort is one of the fastest growing brands in the hospitality industry today.

Hand-crafted Decor

In total 650m² mix of styles and colors.

Cozy Place

Feel at home and find your atmosphere.

Relax Atmosphere

Take refuge in our greenery and away from the crowds.

Our Specialties

Shining Sand Beach Resort is a best hotel on the Tarkarli Devbag. We offer a variety of amenities and services to satisfy your needs.

NYUS Toasted Bread with Grape

Bread / Cream / Grape

Shining Sand Beach Resort

non veg


Meet The Team of Shining sand beach Resort

The team at Shining Sand Beach Resort understands the importance of providing a high-quality service. They are committed to providing excellent customer service, and they want their guests to be happy with their stay.

The resort is a family-owned establishment that has been in business for over 20 years. The management team is very good at what they do, and they have created an environment that is welcoming and relaxing.

The staff members are friendly, and they will go out of their way to ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible. This includes helping you plan activities, arranging transportation or dining reservations, or even booking a tour guide for you.


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